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Ready to go plant-based but don't know where to start?

My Plant-based Starter Kit is designed specifically for busy parents and families who need an easy win when it comes to feeding their kids the very best.

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plant based vegan starter kit

Grab my FREE Plant-Based Parenting Roadmap & Grocery List and find out how to:

  • Incorporate kid-approved nutrient-dense foods into your daily routine
  • Get started on a step-by-step transition to a plant-based lifestyle
  • Discover a wide variety of delicious whole-foods that will make shopping a breeze

Hi, I'm Dr. Monica

Board-certified pediatrician, vegan athlete & busy mama.

When my first child struggled with picky eating and slow weight gain, it was SO stressful. Even though I was already a doctor and had been vegan for years, I felt lost and frustrated.

I knew I needed a better approach to nutrition than what I had ever learned in school.

That's when I dug deep. I leaned into my medical knowledge and my mom-intuition to come up with a better way...


Once I realized exactly what my kids needed in order to grow and thrive, they have been doing just that.

Mealtimes are FUN and EASY... and you know what else? Because they're getting the perfect nutrition, my kids are hardly ever sick. It's a win, win!

With the right information, anyone can achieve these results.

Let me show you how.