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You can create lifelong wellness for your kids through a plant-based lifestyle.

If you're ready to say goodbye to the overwhelm that comes with picky eating, frequent preventable illnesses, or difficult behavior and are ready to spark JOY in your day-to-day routine, you're in the right spot.


Hi, I'm Doctor Monica

I'm a board certified pediatrician, a full time mom and a plant-based athlete. Let me show you how a plant-based lifestyle can transform your parenting experience from the inside out.

I created Mighty Roots because I want your kids to be happy, healthy, and focused on what matters most. Let's meet your kids exactly where they are to help foster their interest in wellness and create healthy foundations that last a lifetime.

More About Me

NEW! Leafy Littles Online Course

In this 5-week online course, you will go from feeling uncertain and overwhelmed about how to feed your family to feeling confident, informed and empowered to provide exactly what their growing bodies need.

You will experience what it's like to:

> Find peace, calm, connection and clarity at mealtimes.

> Create nutritious and delicious recipes your kids will happily eat and enjoy!

> Spend less time on meal prep and more time on what really matters.

> Reclaim HEALTH and JOY through a positive relationship with food.

> Endure less frequent & less severe episodes of illness YEAR ROUND.

> Fully understand your child's nutrition for healthy growth & development.

> Equip your kids with a solid foundation for health in adulthood.

> Have elevated sense of vitality and more quality time as a family.


Nutrition 101

Understand your child's nutritional needs and how to meet them.

Pro Tips

Learn how to make this transformation fun, easy and stress free.

New Insights

Enjoy vitality, health and joy in a way that will inspire your kids to follow in your tracks.

Ready to uplevel your wellness game?

Leafy Littles Online Course

Join me and one powerful group of parents on a transformative journey starting January 2nd. 

  • Nutrition
  • Health education 
  • Shopping tips
  • Food prep insights
  • Picky eating 101
  • 30 minute recipes
  • Community support
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Dr. Monica
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Want to be a part of something special?

Experience a simple but powerful transformation that will elevate your parenting experience in ways you never thought possible!

I am currently looking for 10 families interested in transforming their wellness and nutrition routine for a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT in exchange for feedback and a testimonial on your experience with me throughout this course.

Sign up now for pre-sale enrollment and I'll let you know as soon as the doors open up. 



We'll show you how to create lasting memories and build resilience.


Your guide to simple transformation with easy to make meals your kids will love


Nurture a strong lifelong relationship with your child.

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This website provides general lifestyle advice that is not tailored to any one family’s
specific situation. Nothing on this website constitutes medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician for any and all medical advice or concerns

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