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Tips for creating a kid-friendly summer garden

How to get kids excited for your summer garden (& actually eating what you grow)

With Spring Fever in full send here in Colorado, it's time to start planning and prepping for that Summer garden you've been dreaming about. 

Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, involving your kids in gardening can a fun and educational bonding experience for your family. From choosing the right plants to celebrating the harvest, here are five tips to help you create a kid-friendly garden that will have your littles excited to get their hands dirty.

1. Choose Kid-Friendly Plants:

When selecting plants for your garden, opt for varieties that are easy to grow and maintain. The easiest strategy? Plan on growing foods your kids already like! Kid-friendly options like cherry tomatoes, basil, carrots, strawberries, and zucchini are not only simple to cultivate but also offer a quick turnaround, allowing kids to see the fruits of their labor sooner than later. Consider planting a variety of crops that will be ready to harvest at different times throughout the summer to keep the excitement going.

2. Create a Kid's Garden Space:

Designate a dedicated area in your yard or balcony for your children's garden. Choose a spot that is easily accessible and visible so that kids can check on their plants regularly. Keep gardening tools like a watering can and gloves nearby to encourage them to participate in the process on their own accord. Spending just 15 minutes a day tending to the garden can make a big difference and help kids develop a sense of responsibility and ownership. 

3. Involve Kids in Planting:

While it may be tempting to take charge and do things your way, letting your kids in on the planting process is key to fostering their interest in gardening. Let them get messy, choose where to plant each item, and explore the different textures and smells of the plants. If they're interested, take the opportunity to teach them about plant life cycles, soil health, and the importance of sunlight and water for growth. Most importantly: repeat after me... EMBRACE THE MESS! They are only little for a little while. Don't miss it.

4. Add it to your routine: 

One of my favorite parts of summer is spending time in the early mornings just hanging out pulling weeds in the garden, drinking coffee and listening to the birds chirp. Eat breakfast outside, or make it a habit to check your plants after school. Whatever works for you is what will work best! 

5. Celebrate the Harvest:

When the time comes to harvest your garden, involve your kids in the excitement. Grab an old basket (or a new one!) and let them help you pick the fruit and veggies straight out of the dirt. Whether they help you plan a meal out of what you've grown, or sloppily eat an entire pound of tomatoes out in the yard... call it a success!


Creating a kid-friendly garden is not only a great way to encourage outdoor play and exploration but also provides valuable lessons in responsibility, patience, and environmental stewardship. So grab your gardening gloves, gather the family, and get ready to dig in! And if you're interested in joining my brand new smoothie challenge to incorporate fresh kale into your morning routine, simply comment "FRESH" below for more details. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity!


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